When we first decided to open a sandwich shop we thought to ourselves, hmmm what should we name the new place? We thought of all kinds of fancy names and then thought why not just name it after the city we love; Sulphur Springs

Well to start let us tell you more about the place we live and why we love it…

Well let’s give you a little history first:

The neighborhood is well known for the Sulphur Springs Water Tower, built in 1927.[4] The community was annexed into Tampa in 1953. The neighborhood was once known for being a mineral springs tourist attraction for the wealthy.[5][6]

A well-known landmark was the Sulphur Springs Hotel and Arcade, considered to be the first indoor shopping venue in the state of Florida. It was located at the intersection of Nebraska Avenue and Bird Street on the southwest corner encompassing an entire city block. Constructed from 1926 to 1927, the hotel was situated near the Hillsborough River and represents an excellent example of a resort recreation facility of early 20th century. The most distinguishing feature of the hotel was its first and second floor front arcade in classical style. Josiah T. Richardson was the original owner of the property.

In 1951 a drive-in theatre opened next to the Sulphur Springs Water Tower. The Tower Theatre was a popular drive-in that operated for nearly forty years and became another well-known Tampa landmark on property facing the Hillsborough River between Florida and Nebraska Avenue. The neon sign for the drive-in became another Tampa landmark and featured a “neon tower” that was designed after its nearby namesake.[7]